Internship Program 2023.


July 2023 was a big month in Krakow, Poland! Six talented people started an amazing journey with the SpotOn Poland Internship Program. This program has a history of helping people grow in their careers, and this year was no different.

A hallmark of SpotOn Poland’s Internship Program is the diverse array of roles it offers. In 2023, the lineup included three Intern Android Developers, an Intern QA Engineer, an Intern Backend Engineer, and an Intern Software Engineer. This wide spectrum allowed interns to delve into various tech domains, refining their unique skills and interests. In 2023, SpotOn Poland maintained its strong emphasis on inclusivity, welcoming interns based on passion, creativity, and critical thinking rather than commercial experience. This philosophy opened doors to a multitude of candidates, rich in potential and eager to make a significant impact.

Success in the internship is anchored in comprehensive preparation. SpotOn Poland's dedicated team ensured a smooth and informative onboarding process, helping interns acclimate to different aspects of the company, including meaningful interactions with mentors, team leaders, and the management team. The program’s early weeks were marked by intensive group training sessions, honing vital skills and introducing interns to the company's distinctive work culture, ensuring not only seamless integration but also personal and professional growth.

At the internship’s conclusion, we held individual feedback sessions, upholding its commitment to clear communication and consistent personal development. These meetings allowed interns to share their experiences and insights. Even after the program, SpotOn Poland’s support for its interns persisted.

Our interns attend prestigious European programming conferences and opt for various online courses.

This enduring investment underlines the company's faith in its interns and its commitment to their sustained professional growth. As the 2023 internship program concludes, we celebrate the substantial accomplishments of our amazing interns. The invaluable skills honed, relationships built, and lessons learned during this time lay a solid foundation for their promising futures. SpotOn Poland eagerly looks forward to the next iteration of its internship program, confident in its continued role as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring individuals ready to leave a lasting imprint in the tech world. The company's steadfast dedication to nurturing emerging talents stands firm, propelling it towards new horizons of innovation and excellence.


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At Spoton we’re always open to cooperating with talented developers. As an experienced team of senior programmers, we’re currently offering positions also to mid & junior developers and interns.

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